QMDC plays an active role in the development of effective government policy and legislation, as well as influencing research priorities to be more receptive to natural resource management (NRM) issues.

We consistently advocate for improved environmental performance of agriculture, energy and mining, construction and building. Integral to our advocacy role is the support we have given to develop each industry’s ability to protect the region’s natural resources and social capital. Community interest in NRM has led to an increasing awareness of the need to avoid or manage development impacts.

Recent submissions have focussed on issues relating to:

  • coal mining and the impact on the quantity and quality of groundwater and surface water
  • the impact of infrastructure situated in the region’s floodplains on water flow, flooding intensity
  • social and environmental concerns related to CSG mining and the definition of ‘co-existence’
  • access to legal information relevant to NRM planning
  • ecological restoration and the standards necessary to manage impacts caused by mining and development, and
  • climate change and adaptation pathways to facilitate knowledge and sharing resilience and strategic decision making processes relevant to biodiversity. 

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