Parthenium Control

Parthenium hysterophorus is a restricted invasive plant under the Queensland Biosecurity Act 2014 and is also a Weed of National Significance.  QMDC supports control work to help eradicate outbreaks and where possible shrink core infestation areas.

Is it a threat in your area?  Check out the Let's get weed wise app or find out more about habitat suitability mapping here.

Control options:

  • Subject to funding availability, help is available on private land of up to 30% of the cost of on-ground activities to control and eradicate new outbreaks.  More on the parthenium rapid response program
  • On-farm Vehicle wash-down.  Download the designs here  and more on how they stop seed spread
  • Audits conducted on washdown facilities (report here)
  • Landholders can report outbreaks to any of the following organisations where technical staff can undertake a site assessment and provide technical advice. The landholder is then ultimately responsible to carry out the on-ground control and follow-up management of the site.

To report an outbreak of parthenium contact:


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