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Grant available to monitor water level of your bore 

Would you like to be able to monitor the groundwater levels in your bore? We have secured funding to provide grants that cover up to 75% of costs to install monitoring equipment on registered bores in the Surat Basin Groundwater Net areas. (To see the area click on the map in our Frequently Asked Questions document).

This is a complementary project that supports the existing Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy (DNRME) Groundwater Net community groundwater monitoring program. Groundwater Net is a DNRME initiative and QMDC will administer the new funding program. Origin Energy has provided $300,000 to the scheme to offset the cost of installing monitoring equipment in landholders water bores.

Grant recipients will be required to provide to DNRME at least four (4) groundwater level measurements a year for a minimum of three (3) years. Data submitted will be entered onto the DNRME groundwater database. This information will show on your bore report under ‘water level’ details. Bore reports can be publically accessed via the Queensland Globe.

The goal is to ensure the community has access to information and any changes to groundwater levels.

Via the Groundwater Net grants, you can apply for up to 75% of the cost of preparing and installing the monitoring equipment, which may include lifting and re-installing the pump, installing a high pressure airline, appropriate pressure gauges, water level indicator or data loggers. Please read our Frequently Asked Questions sheet or the application form for a more specific list.

To speak to a local contact about this offer get in touch with:

We understand the monitoring equipment required will vary according to the bore and pump configuration, including the type of pump that is installed. Please note, to be eligible, you must agree to submit monitoring data on the bore to the DNRME Groundwater Net project a minimum of four times per year for three years. The preference is for data to be submitted monthly.

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