Regional Waste Group: We facilitated the formation of a committee to identify and provide solutions to waste issues for communities across the Queensland Murray-Darling Basin.

The inaugural meeting was held in Dalby in November 2013, with the committee made up of

  • Toowoomba Regional
  • Western Downs Regional
  • Goondiwindi Regional
  • Balonne Shire,
  • Southern Downs, and
  • Maranoa Regional councils. 

Waste is an issue all councils are addressing and this committee, made up of the reprentatives of each council’s environment and waste portfolios helps to do this in a collaborative way. This Committee now meets on a quarterly basis.rwg_grouppic

One of the priority areas identified was roadside litter which led to the development of the South West Region Roadside Litter Project and the Rethink Regional Rubbish project.

You can read more about those projects here

2017 Roadside Litter Audit now available.  This report identifies long-term trends in littering across the south west Queensland region.  Key findings from the report include:

  • The talkin’ rubbish and other interventions reduced litter accumulation by approximately 82%.
  • Packaging accounted for 36% of litter found (during Round 4 Accumulation studies)
  • Sites with 1, 4 or 8 bins had similar litter to no bins at all.  Sites with 2 or 3 bins had significantly higher litter than all other sites (for Round 4 audits).
  • Official pullovers have around 60% less litter than roadsides.  

Building on this collaboration, QMDC has partnered with waste collection company JJ Richards & Sons to recycle waste oil on farms and from business houses. Read more about that here

To find out more about the Regional Waste Group contact QMDC Regional Development Coordinator Cameron O'Neil on mobile: 0429 956 379 or email camerono@qmdc.org.au 

QMDC is a signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant (APC).

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