We like to ensure the whole family is involved in biodiversity through our FarmEcology survey and field days. Our vegetation and biodiversity team spends a week doing a fauna survey on a property to document and collect species. The activity concludes with an an evening in the field giving local people an opportunity to see what species live in their area and to learn more about the benefits of having biodiversity in their landscape. The wildlife is then released back into their home range after being collected according to a permit system. FarmEcology guests enjoy a show-and-tell of the animals collected and a barbeque dinner with the QMDC team and guest speakers. 


Topics covered on the evenings can include:

  • Healthy Systems: the three C's - connectivity, complexity and composition.
  • Getting the balance right: ensuring a healthy equilibrium exists across properties and sub-catchments by focusing on the mix of production and conservation improvements for healthy farm ecosystems
  • What’s in it for land managers: while conservation and preservation may seem to be a costly exercise and an unproductive use of land, the critters found in these landscapes and systems often provide important services to production management
  • Managing Native Vegetation: easy and cost-effective strategies
  • Understanding what is around us: how animals and plants interact in the landscape to form unique environments.

A visit to a local school is also often organised during the survey week to show students the species found in the area, and to give them a better understanding as to what biodiversity is and why we need to maintain it.

For more information, please contact QMDC on 4637 6200.

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