Condamine Fish Way


A fish ladder has been built below the Condamine Bridge at Condamine to help native fish ‘step’ their way over the Town Weir wall.fishladderinaction

Weirs that are a barrier to fish migration had been identified as a contributor to the decline of native fish species in the Murray-Darling Basin.

The ladder is a series of rising rock pools and will effectively open 100km of river from Cotswold to the Condabri Weir giving native species such as the Vulnerable Murray River Cod a better chance of survival, enabling them to migrate, forage and breed,

Origin Energy, on behalf of Australia Pacific LNG, engaged QMDC to manage the fish way project while design, construction and monitoring drew on the expertise of Alluvium Consulting, Catchment Solutions, Australasian Fish Passage Services, and Bland Sand and Gravel.fishway_partnersgroup_underbridge

The $180,000 in funding was provided through an environmental offset arrangement.

The ladder begins downstream from the weir wall with resting ponds allowing fish to recover between ‘steps’ of no more than 100mm as many native fish are unable to negotiate large vertical jumps in water levels.

Native species expected to benefit from the improved connectivity include the Murray River cod, Golden perch, Eel-tailed catfish, Carp cudgeon and Bony bream.

The Condamine Town Weir is owned by the Western Downs Regional Council and provides a water supply to Condamine.

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