Mining in our region

  • The Coal Seam Gas Globe published by the Queensland Government is an online mapping tool published as part of the open data strategy. This Globe allows you to display a range of commonly required spatial information for the petroleum industry (csg wells, leases, pipeline licences etc); groundwater layers (registered bores and inks to detailed bore reports). Read more on how to install it, and how to use it, and more on other Queensland Globes via the Queensland Government Business & Industry Portal. This tool requires access to Google Earth (free) software.
  • MinesOnlineMaps from the Queensland Government allows you to view, query, analyse, extract and print spatial information about the mining and resources industry. The government also provides a spatial search tool for the Queensland Digital Exploration Reports system (QDEX), allowing you to list company reports for your project area based on historic exploration tenure. This service also provides a download option, and is the source of most of the data for mining tenure maps producted for the Queensland Murray-Darling Basin.
  • Current Environmental Authorities are published online or you can search the public register (you can also sign up for email notifications). In Queensland, you need to apply for an Environmental Authority (EA) to undertake an environmentally relevant activity. They include a wide range of activities such as aquaculture, sewage treatment, cattle feed lotting, mining and resource activities such as petroleum (which includes coal seam gas), geothermal and greenhouse gas storage activities. The department's compliance program for the petroleum, geothermal and greenhouse gas storage sector includes a range of activities to ensure operators comply with laws and policies affecting the industry.
  • Geoscience Australia identifies mineral resources. Search the interactive Australian Atlas of Mineral Resource, Mines and Processing Centres.
  • The Australian Government Department of the Environment publishes a National Pollutant Inventory
  • QMDC has collated resource and tenure maps as a PDF report - updated (June 2012) - for the Queensland Murray-Darling Basin.
  • QMDC's revised draft policy (2011) with regard to the impact of mining on the natural resources of the Queensland Murray-Darling Basin is available here (1mb+ pdf). For more information, contact QMDC Project Support Officer - Policy, Research, Development & Planning Kathie Fletcher on 07 4637 6200. 
  • Maps for strategic cropping land, collated by QMDC, are available here.

Resources and Tenure Extent in the Basin

QMDC has compiled several maps detailing the potential impact of mining activity on the Basin. These maps have been produced to show exploration permits, riverine areas, good agricultural land, waterways and remnant vegetation.

QMDC is not averse to mining activity if issues surrounding land use, riverine areas and wetlands, vegetation and biodiversity, water quality and salinity can be effectively managed, mitigated or preferably avoided. QMDC has prepared a public presentation on the possible impacts of the mining and energy industries on the natural resources of the Queensland Murray-Darling Basin. This presentation available as a PDF download.

Note - Links to the following PDF's are pending

Click_here to download the original presentation [2MB]. 
Click_here to download the extended range of maps using December 2008 figures [3MB].
Click_here to download 50 pages of maps and statistics using July 2008, December 2008 and September 2009 data [3MB].
Click here to download maps using August 2010 data.
Click here to download maps using March 2011 data. 
Summary statistics can also be downloaded here.

Senate Inquiry 

In 2009, QMDC made submissions the Senate Inquiry into the impact of mining in the Murray-Darling Basin. The organisation's submission, along with other submissions and transcript of hearings are now available for download.

Click here to go to the inquiry website.

Click here for a list of submissions received, including QMDC's (Number 28).

Contact: for more information on mining and energy issues, contact QMDC on 4637 6200



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