We've compiled a list of useful mobile apps, for natural resource management, all linked in one place for your convenience!

Please note that this list has been compiled for general information purposes and does not constitute a recommendation.

The list below (which we know isn't exhaustive), focusses on apps that are mostly free, and suitable for southern Queensland.

Citizen science Mapping
Australian Goverment Water
Community & emergency resources Weeds & pests
Flora and fauna  

Citizen science data collection

QMDC uses the Fulcrum app for some of our data collection needs. To use the Fulcrum app sign up here to register to use the following apps:

You can also visit http://nrm.silk.co/ to see a broader range of apps developed by natural resource management organisations.

Australian Government app resources

Community and emergency resources

Flora and fauna


The Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) have a range of free mobile apps to help growers to undertake activities in the paddock and interact with networks on your iPhone, iPad or Android™ devices. This includes but is not limited to:

Other related applications include:




Weeds and pests