Waste tyres a rubbery issue for regional councils

March 14, 2018


Talking waste tyres were members of the QMDB Regional Waste Group, Troy Uren Toowoomba Regional Council, Cr Geoff McMullen Maranoa Regional Council, Todd Summerville Western Downs Regional Council, Cr Rob McKenzie Goondiwindi Regional Council and Phillip Gall Goondiwindi Regional Council.

Waste tyres and what to do with them dominated the agenda at a waste management meeting of eight regional Councils in Dalby recently.

The Queensland Murray-Darling Committee (QMDC), hosted a meeting of the QMDB Regional Waste Group (RWG) including representatives from the Toowoomba, Balonne, Maranoa, Western Downs and Goondiwindi Regional Councils, and welcomed new members Murweh and Quilpie Shire Councils.

According to QMDC CEO Geoff Penton who chaired the meeting, waste tyres were discussed at length and it was evident that a solution may be at hand.

“QMDC has facilitated conversations with the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) and believe they have found a solution in optimising the use of crumbed tyre rubber as a binding agent in road construction.

“It has great potential to use waste tyres and take a more environmentally friendly approach to their disposal.  It is now up to road builders to develop the market for crumb rubber by incorporating waste tyres into road construction,” he added.

Another notable agenda item for the RWG included roadside litter and the ongoing challenge of reducing littering amounts, monitoring trends and supporting the community to get involved in undertaking litter clean-ups.

Now in its fifth year, the QMDB Regional Waste Group also tabled broader waste issues for the region and identified some key litter and waste management challenges. 

The RWG meets a number of times a year to allow for the sharing of information and collaboration between the Councils across the Queensland Murray-Darling Basin.

The aim is to develop efficiencies in waste management practices which ultimately benefit rate payers.

For more information, contact: QMDC CEO Geoff Penton 0408 871 978.

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