Oct 2017

Feeding and livestock nutrition workshop

Where: Roma

Are you getting ‘bang for your buck’ when it comes to feeding? Do you know the nutritional requirements of your stock? Join QDAF for this feeding/ and livestock nutrition workshop. 

When: Wednesday 18 October 2017, 9am-3pm

Where: Roma RSL Hall

Presenter: Roger Sneath (DAF Toowoomba)

The workshop will cover evaluating feed options relative to nutrient requirements as well as showcase available decision support tools. It is important to know that you are feeding your stock what they need and not paying for unnecessary extras. It is also critical to know if feeding is worth it and how long it can be sustained.

To help with these decisions, Roger Sneath will be giving a presentation
on evaluating feed options relative to cattle nutrient requirements and will
showcase available decision support tools. Roger is an Extension Officer
with FutureBeef and has extensive experience with decision making,
business management and herd management.

We can’t tell you when it will rain, but we can help you make the most
informed decisions you can for your business.

This information day is free, with light refreshments being provided. 

Click here to register for this workshop. Download the flyer here. 

Or contact: Andrew Wiles at: andrea.wiles@daf.qld.gov.au or on mobile: 0428 109 620.

Brought to you by the GrazingFutures Project - promoting a resilient grazing industry. GrazingFutures is funded by the Queensland Government’s $17.5 million Drought and Climate Adaption Program (DCAP) that aims to improve drought preparedness and resilience for Queensland producers.

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