Jun 2018

Grazing BMP Accelerated Program - Injune

Where: Injune Hall supper room

  • First day runs from 8am to 5pm
  • Second day from 8am to 12:30pm
  • Places limited and will fill fast

Free event! Lunch and smokos provided. 

What is it?
Grazing Best Management Practice is a voluntary online self-assessment tool developed with the assistance of Queensland graziers. The workshop provides you with a chance to assess your current practices and discuss opportunities with like-mined producers and experts.

  • This is a rare opportunity to benchmark your management practices against whole of industry.
  • No cost to producers – funded by the Queensland Government’s GrazingFutures Project.
  • Complete all 5 Grazing BMP modules in one manageable block over one and a half days.


Rhonda Toms-Morgan (Connect Ag)
| managing the land resource | managing grazing pressure | mapping | land capability | weeds and pest animals

Tony Koch (QRIDA)
| financial risk management | succession planning | business analysis | work/life balance | effective communication

Jed Taylor (DAF)
| health management program | animal welfare | extreme weather and predation | biosecurity | transport

Andrea McKenzie (DAF)
| land capability | markets | reproduction | weaning | nutrition | genetics

Bruce Alchin (Bruce Alchin & Associates)
| structure and characteristics | chemical properties | ground cover | biology


  • Grazing land management 
  • People and business
  • Animal health and welfare
  • Animal production
  • Soil health 


  • Get the latest on information and legislation to help run a successful grazing business.
  • Get technical advice to help give you that extra edge.

For more information or to register phone: Lachlan Marshall (QMDC) P| 07 4680 6460

OR Andrea McKenzie (DAF) andrea.mckenzie@daf.qld.gov.au

Download the event flyer here. 

This event is made possible by Agforce and the Queensland Government. 


Toowoomba Office

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PO Box 6243 Toowoomba West QLD 4350

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