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Habitat Investigation and Property Planning field trips: QMDC technical staff and the Education team offer a unique opportunity to engage your students with hands-on expertly lead field studies activities.

Habitat Investigation

Habitat Investigation is a field-based program aimed at senior (Year 11 and 12) Geography and Biology students. It provides students with opportunities to practice field study techniques and utilise scientific equipment under the guidance of experienced technical staff from QMDC and Amaroo Environmental Education Centre. There are two program variations; a terrestrial biodiversity focus and a catchment focus. Habitat Investigation field days run every year. 


Option 1. Terrestrial biodiversity focus
When: Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Where: Irongate Conservation Park, Pitsworth


What: Students perform a variety of activities that look at the biodiversity value of a remnant patch of local vegetation. Fauna monitoring techniques are examined and vegetation surveys are completed to get an overal biodiversity value of the park.

Option 2. Catchment focus
When: Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Where: Dalrymple Creek, Goomburra


What: Students visit three sites along Dalrymple Creek and examine water quality, terrestrial and aquatic biodiversity, riparian health and identify management options. Students also compare upland and lowland stretches of river and examine the various catchment activities that impact upon river health.

If you are interested in one of these field days or would like to book for this term two field trip please contact Shelley on (07)46 376200 or via email at

Property Planningcover-page-2014_students

This is a hands-on property management program designed for senior secondary agriculture science students. The program includes resources and support for teachers and a field trip to a commercial property.

Students are guided through the process of developing a working property management plan. Students are required to consider natural resource management, environmental, cultural heritage and primary production issues.

The Property Planning field day is held every second year.

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