Aboriginal Program

QMDC is dedicated to increasing the meaningful involvement of Aboriginal people in natural resource management  and raising awareness about Landcare and environmental issues.grindinggrooves

We work closely with Traditional Owners through the QMDC Regional Aboriginal Advisory Group (RAAG) which includes a male and female representative from each of the region’s eight Traditional Owner groups. 

QMDC has also facilitated partnerships between Traditional Owners, regional councils and government departments to identify, protect and enhance sites of cultural significance on public lands.

We have a seat on the Northern Murray-Darling Basin Aboriginal Nations to ensure the Traditional Owners of the Queensland Murray-Darling Basin are represented. 

The strong involvement of the QMDC Aboriginal Rangers in a variety of projects with QMDC technical staff, land managers and other community members across the region highlights the importance of cultural heritage to a wider audience. This involvement ranges from weed control to the identification and protection of Aboriginal cultural heritage sites.