Swift NRM

Swift NRM is a trading arm of QMDC that provides a dynamic and professional natural resource management consulting service with a broad range of planning, technical and capacity building skills and expertise. 

Swift NRM draws upon the expertise of QMDC's team of committed and experienced technical staff as well as a select team of partner consultants. The team is a dedicated group of professionals within the natural resource management field that can provide practical solutions to your resource management challenges.

Swift NRM offers


The Australian Land Management Certification System (ALMCS): Australia's only whole-of-farm, national certification system for land management training, development and auditing. Click here for more.

Naturally Resourceful: Delivery of a leadership workshop series designed for rural and regional women. Click here to read more.

Soil management services: Managing runoff to prevent soil erosion and rehabilitating eroded and badly disturbed country are important measures in property management. Swift NRM offers a cost competitive soil conservation service for the design, implementation and coordination of soil conservation works. Click here for more information.

Spatial data services: Spatial data on terrain, vegetation, hydrology, soils, climate and imagery can support a range of programs such as regional planning. Spatial information exists as reports (e.g. mining exploration in the Queensland Murray-Darling Basin), tables, maps, imagery and geodatabase. Through GIS software (predominantly ArcGIS), QMDC can analyse and model features such as terrain, hydrology and ecological scenarios (waterCAST, Ground Cover Index).  We can overlay property boundaries, remnant vegetation, wildlife corridors, streams, wetlands, erosion/salinty hot spots, land tenure (mining, grazing or conservation) or any other information collected. 

Property Planning for natural resource management: including high precision property mapping capability. Call us to find out about our services.

Climate change and policy in focus: an interactive climate and carbon market policy workshop tailored to the region, using local data and modeling to determine the potential impacts of climate change scenarios for the local area.

Vehicle Washdown & Weed Identification Workshops
: Swift NRM runs workshops to help organisations and employees to prevent the spread of weeds. For details call Matt Brown on 07 4637 6200. 

Conservation Pest Detection Dogs: Working with trained handlers, our pest detection canines 'Rocky' and 'Sophie' specialise in locating foxes, wild dogs, cats and rabbits as well as their dens and scats. An innovation in pest control, these canines are another tool in the fight against feral animal spread.  To discuss their potential contact QMDC's Regional Pest Technical Officer Tom Garrett on 0427 291 155.    

For more information contact: 07 4637 6200 or email info@qmdc.org.au