Wellcamp turns on the green light for the environment

QMDC has partnered the world's ‘greenest’ airport - Toowoomba Wellcamp Airport.  The partnership is based on a shared commitment to sustainable development.

The partnership initiatives already include the installation of a Federal Government-funded energy monitoring system in the terminal to help reduce running costs and effectively manage greenhouse emissions.

qmdcrangerteam_philgregory_noelstrohfeldWe believe the monitor will help keep power consumption front of mind and encourage local businesses and local government to be vigilant about how much energy they used.  We are also looking forward to the opportunity to educate locals and visitors about natural resource management priorities in the region and ways they can live more sustainably on our landscape.

Our Aboriginal Rangers team (pictured right) has also helped the Airport with the planting of several hundred native Wilga and Kurrajong trees as a buffer zone between Cecil Plains Road and the Wellcamp Business Park.

The airport was already widely-regarded as the world’s most environmentally-friendly port, with more than 30,000 cubic metres of Wagners’ award-winning Earth Friendly Concrete (EFC) used in the taxiways, apron and runway.

See the airport here.